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  • CVINETA .net User Group meeting

    14-15 Sep 2010 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Speaker: Tim GiffordTopic: SOIL'D to SOLIDHave you ever worked on system that could be described as a "Big Ball of Mud"? Have you ever wondered what you could do to become a better developer?

  • CVINETA .net User Group meeting

    6-7 Jul 2010 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Speaker: Keith Dahlby Topic: What's New in C# 4 and Visual Basic 10 Topic Summary: Visual Studio 2010 includes new versions of C# and Visual Basic that introduce some exciting new features to make your life easier. Among these are named and optional parameters for C#, improved lambda expressions and implicit line continuations for Visual Basic, and generic variance for both.

  • Introduction to Adobe Flex for RIA development

    28-29 Apr 2010 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Rich Internet Applications are definitely the Buzz in web development these days. Chad Callahan from T8 Webware will be giving an introduction to Adobe Flex and how it can be leveraged for RIA development. Additional talk details will be updated, as chad gets his slides together!Some books and other Adobe garb will be handed out to attendees!

  • CVINETA User Group Meeting - What you really learned in college

    9-10 Feb 2010 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Speaker: Matt HartleipTopic: What you actually did learn in collegeTopic Summary: This presentation will focus on ways to improve your code-writing abilities and overall quality of code.

  • CVIneta User Group Meeting Oct 6th Meeting

    6-7 Oct 2009 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Using innovative technologies to solve business problemsDescription: There are lots of new technologies available to developers. Learning a new technology can be a challenge, but a greater challenge is determining how and where to implement the technology.

  • CVIneta User Group Meeting w/ Chris Sutton

    1-2 Sep 2009 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Continuous Integration with TeamCityContinuous Integration (CI) is a foundational process for any software development team. In Joel Spolsky's "12 Steps to Better Code" it occupies steps 2 & 3.

  • CVIneta User Group Meeting

    4-5 Aug 2009 in Cedar Falls, United States

    Speaker: Tim BarczTopic: Unit TestingTopic Description: Do you feel left behind by the talk of unit tests. This introductorycrash course in unit tests will get you up to speed quickly on unit


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