DNUG & MRM: Put your webforms to REST

MRM Worldwide
Wed, 21 May 2008, 18:30 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
MRM Worldwide , London, GB
The May Dot Net User Group (DNUG) event hosted at MRM Worldwide by London Bridge:

"Put your webforms to REST - how to build rest-y architectures with .net"

With the raise of the web 2.0 meme, more and more web applications claim to support REST architectures. We'll explore together what is REST and what is not, and how we can write a testable web application that supports the REST concepts on the asp.net platform, with a code-intensive overview of current toolkits (asp.net MVC and others).

Speaker Bio:

Sebastien Lambla runs Caffeine IT, a .net consultancy, helping the good people of London adopt new technologies, new processes, new methodologies and in general anything that's new and shiny. Specializing in cutting-edge tools, from REST architectures to occasionally connected rich clients, Sebastien has been developing with .net since 2000, and has a secret love affair with javascript.

Sign up: http://iancooper.brinkster.net/Pages/UG_Meetings.aspx

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