GIT Tech to Educate - April Q&A

Girls in Tech NYC
6-7 Apr 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

Girls in Tech NYC is excited to announce a Programming & Tech Initiative that listens and celebrates women who educate themselves via technology as well as the vast community who would like to join and support their unique learning styles. Check out the blog: Community Education and Programming Initiatives

Tech to Educate occurs every week on Tuesday starting the April the 6th at 7PM.

April 6th: General Q&A, Special Topics announced soon.

Hosts on the 6th include:
Sara Chipps and Hans Zaunere.

Stay tuned for more updates on Special Guests and Programming and Education Leads. Women like Sara Chipps will be instrumental in developing a curriculum for these courses, which focus on using a network of experts to crowdsource the type of curriculum that today's technology demands. Free general lessons and Q and A's will be free. Subsequent course fees will be be highly subsidized. No barriers should exist for those who would like to learn or contribute. Come on by.

Our programs will feature:

* Friendly, flexible, intelligent special guest speakers and instructors - with personality!
* Free General Tech Q&A's to determine how women learn, what education means today, how a community learns, YOUR ideas.
* Structured Tech Courses with Crowd-sourced and industry expert revised curricula: These are innovative, peer-reviewed by real-world, respected experts
* Will focus on the practical and project based as well as subject based curriculum - with an exciting, dynamic attitude designed to move the bar for everyone who techs
* Crowd-sourced business or philanthropic projects with partners, in recognition of entrepreneurial and community drive
* Will be affordable and inclusive of our networks and communities of technologists - join in the fun!

Location to be announced on March 31, 2010.

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