Hadoop Meetup - Thursday May 27, 2010 Data Center Tour: 6:15-7:15

27-28 May 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
Virtacore @ Equinix IBX Data Center , Ashburn, US

I would like to thank everyone for their votes on our various topics of interest. Lets start crossing off our to-do list! We will be visiting one of the top tier data center facilities in the country, the Equinix IBX Data Center. Equinix's data centers are best known for running many of the world's financial markets. The data center in Ashburn, VA is home to some of the big names in today's tech industry such as Amazon, Adobe, IBM, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, HP.

We will be taking a guided tour of this data center thanks to one of our fellow hadoop'ers, Otto Konopa and his company Virtacore Systems, Inc. (http://www.virtacore..... We'll get to take a behind the scenes look at how a data center runs and how the cloud works. There will be 2 guided tours one from 6:30 to 7:15 and one from 7:30 to 8:15 (there are two meetups for May 27, 2010 please RSVP for the one you'd like to attend). It is important to arrive on time (plan to be there 15-20 minutes early so you can get some snacks). Each guided tour is limited to 20 people, so register soon because space is limited!.

You will need to bring a government issued photo ID (such as a drivers license or a passport). Registration for this event will close 2 days prior (need to provide security at the facility with names of individuals attending the guide tour). Also, it is important to note that pictures or videos cannot be taken.


  • Please arrive on time
  • As always snacks and refreshments will be provided (arrive early to grab some snacks)
  • Remember no cameras or video cameras

Date: May 27, 2010
Time: 6:15-7:15 (tour will start at 6:30)

Virtacore @ Equinix IBX Data Center
21691 Filigree Ct
Ashburn, VA 20147

Lalit Kapoor

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