Girls in Tech NYC Invite You to Startup Weekend NYC!

Girls in Tech NYC
11-12 Jun 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

Startup Weekend NYC is back! The weekend of June 11th, get together with local developers, marketers, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, form teams and actually launch new business ventures over the weekend. Sound intense? It is! By Sunday evening you'll leave with a full stomach, little to no sleep, a lot of great networking, and you’ll have seen the rise of a new startup or two.

This year:

* AOL Ventures has committed to funding the winning concept out of Startup Weekend!
* NoizIvy will be handing out free hosting, consultation and a slew of other prizes
* Hive @ 55 will be giving away 3 months of free coworking space to 1 team and discounts to all other teams
* Speakers
o David Lifson of (& Etsy & Amazon)
o Mark Lizoain of
o more TBA

What do Attendees get from a Startup Weekend?:
Startup Weekend provides an unprecedented level of networking, team building, learning, and life changes for its attendees and their communities. Don't forget that there will be 5-6 meals and drinks provided. There is a reason that most attendees come back for every event; it's just plain fun and provides amazing opportunities you can't get anywhere else. Sometimes a company emerges, sometimes one doesn't, but every time people leave with more experience, insight, knowledge, friends, and resources than they came with.

RSVP here Use Disc. Code: GIT

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