October Meetup - DSLs

Dublin Alt.NET
20 Oct-16 Nov 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
Trinity Capital hotel , Dublin, IE

Hi there

So our next meet up is in the Trinity Capital Hotel
the 20th of October - 7pm

Clive Foley will do a lightining talk on DSLs, in his own words:

Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are part of every day life for developers. From SQL to HQL, make to ant and XAML to HTML there are literally loads of little languages helping to solve problems. While DSLs are not new, interest in them is rising. Recently some industry leaders are starting to formalize patterns and practices around their development and use. Companies such as JetBrains and Intentional Software have released tools to aid in the design and development of DSLs.  DSLs are also apart of a new paradigm in software, namely language oriented programming which many believe will be the next major shift in software development. With language oriented programming, programmers make use of DSLs rather than general purpose languages This talk will cover a number of points:

  • An introduction to DSLs
  • Types of DSLs (Internal, External, Graphical)
  • Some tools to help with creating a DSL
  • Overview of Language oriented progamming


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