HTML5: The future's so bright you won't need a flash

GrWebDev - Grand Rapids Web Development Group
31 Jan-1 Feb 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
20 Monroe Ave NW , Grand Rapids, US

<p><strong>HTML5: The future's so bright you won't need a flash</strong> <br />HTML5 is the up and coming major revision of the HTML standard. It adds new syntax features to ease handling of multimedia content as well as new and revised elements designed to add semantic richness to documents. You could flail alone and helpless on the cold, heartless web trying to learn about all these exciting new developments. Or you could join us at a warm inviting gathering and get the inside scoop from knowledgable people who have actually used some of the features. It's up to you. Cold and alone, or warm and awesome?</p>
<p><br /><strong>Socializing and Networking</strong> <br />5:45PM - 6:15PM</p>
<p>Drop in before the presentations to pick brains and rub elbows with other members. We'll also try to have the food set up so you can grab a bite before the main event begins.</p>
<p><br /><strong>Intro</strong> <br />6:15PM ~ 6:20PM</p>
<p>Sponsor recognition, Logo winner announcement, Miscellaneous babbling.</p>
<p><br /><strong>The Main Event</strong> <br />6:15PM ~ 7:15PM</p>
<p>HTML5 has become a large umbrella encompassing many enhancements. <a href=" Keepers</a> will give a high-level overview of what all is included under the HTML5 banner, including syntax changes, new tags, attributes, and APIs.</p>
<p><a href=" Brown</a> will be giving us an overview of HTML5's layout elements. What they are, what they replace, and how to implement them today.</p>
<p><a href=" Bacon</a> will be presenting on the offline capabilities of HTML5, specifically Local Storage and Application Cache. He plans to give an overview of each discussing those features, how to use them, and his experiences developing an offline-capable application with them.</p>
<p><a href=" Montgomery</a> will be introducing us to WebSockets, which is a new feature of HTML 5 providing full-duplex, bi-directional interaction over one TCP connection using minimal overhead. This reduces unnecessary network traffic and latency that ajax polling introduced to 'push' real-time data to clients. The best part about WebSockets is that it's easier to implement than you think, and can be done is an unobtrusive manner so that you can start to add value to your existing applications today.</p>
<p><br /><strong>Breakouts<br /></strong>7:15PM ~ 7:45PM</p>
<p>Join others for smaller, focused discussions immediately after the main event.</p>
<p><br /><strong>Post-Meeting Activities</strong> <br />Join other members for drinks and discussion at Founders afterwards. If you'd like to suggest a different or additional post-meeting location, please let us know about it.</p>

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