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We are a group of web developers in the Grand Rapids, MI area. The group is just forming, but we will be probably be focused on the framework-agnostic parts of web development such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Whether you code in Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, or ASP.NET, when you develop for the web there is a lot of common ground. No matter if your web site runs on Linux, Windows, OSX, or the cloud, we all need many of the same tricks and techniques. Join us to learn from each other about best web practices, cross-browser compatibility, Javascript frameworks, style hacks, HTML5, and other web-related topics. We use a Google Group for our discussions: Twitter: @grwebdev

Events coming up

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Past events

  • Panel Discussion on Freelancing

    27-28 Feb 2012 in Grand Rapids Charter Township, United States

    Freelancing: You wish you could. We'll show you how!Socializing and Networking5:45PM - 6:15PMDrop in before the presentations to pick brains and rub elbows with other members. We'll also have the food set up so you can grab a bite before the main event begins. Please consider donating a few dollars to help cover the cost of food.Intro6:15PM ~ 6:20PMWelcome, sponsor recognition, interesting upcoming events, miscellaneous babbling.The Main Event

  • Plan, manage, ship, repeat

    28-29 Nov 2011 in Grand Rapids Charter Township, United States

    Scrum, agile, kanban, sticky-notes, small teams, large teams, remote teams, UX, UI...Today's projects have a lot involved outside of just the code. Let's talk about how your projects go from concept to delivery while keeping scope, team members and budgets all in check.Mac Fowler (InetSolution) - Working with Virtual Teams.Jonathan Hoyt (Ordered List) - Case study in building Speaker Deck w/ small agile team.Samuel Bowles (Mutually Human Software)

  • UX: Making Web Sites People Want to Use

    Mon, 26 Sep 2011, 21:45 - 23:45 in Grand Rapids, United States

    Newsflash: Your web sites are ugly and hard to use. Well-muscled, fully-grown men with goatees, risque motorcycle tattoos, and heads shaved by broken beer bottles are reduced to blubbering like a babies when they try to navigate that tangled morass of spaghetti you call an interface.

  • Mobile Web Development

    Mon, 23 May 2011, 21:45 - 23:45 in Grand Rapids, United States

    Hey, what's that squarish lump in your pocket? No, not your wallet, that other lump, the one in front. What is that thing? A pocket watch? A calculator? A day planner? A telephone? A television? A whole frickin computer? No, my friends, it is the Internet. Right. In. Your. Pocket. Always available at the tips of your fingers.

  • CSS3

    Mon, 25 Apr 2011, 21:45 - 23:45 in Grand Rapids, United States

    Along with HTML5, CSS3 is changing the way that front-end developers do things. Some topics that come to mind: replacing images with CSS3; prefixes - why they exist and why they're good; CSS animation and transformation; responsive web design.Presenters: *Topher - Practical uses of CSS3 such as @font-face, shadows and more. *Janson Hartliep - Media queries, responsive web design, and how both are a valuable part of progressive enhancement (which != graceful degradation)

  • Javascript Frameworks

    Mon, 28 Mar 2011, 21:45 - 23:45 in Grand Rapids, United States

    Javascript all the way!  We'll pack as much JS goodness as we can into a single night.Socializing and Food5:45PM - 6:15PMDrop in early to meet awesome people and get the party started. We'll also try to have the food set up so you can grab a bite before the main event begins.Intro6:15PM ~ 6:20PMSponsor recognition, babbling.The Main Event6:15PM ~ 7:15PM *jQuery - the most popular JS library.  Presented by Roger Roelofs

  • Startups

    28 Feb-1 Mar 2011 in Grand Rapids, United States

    StartupsUnless you've had your head buried deep in IE6 compatibility code, you've surely noticed that everyone is talking about startups lately. Being a curious and intelligent beng, we're sure you have some questions about this phenomenon. What is a startup? How can you get started with startups? How can I make bazillions of dollars with a startup? Now that I have bazillions of dollars and years of hard-won startup-related wisdom, how can I help other startups?

  • HTML5: The future's so bright you won't need a flash

    31 Jan-1 Feb 2011 in Grand Rapids, United States

    <p><strong>HTML5: The future's so bright you won't need a flash</strong> <br />HTML5 is the up and coming major revision of the HTML standard. It adds new syntax features to ease handling of multimedia content as well as new and revised elements designed to add semantic richness to documents. You could flail alone and helpless on the cold, heartless web trying to learn about all these exciting new developments.

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