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On the SitePoint Podcast news & commentary show this week, the Chrome App Store makes its debut, we discuss the future of XML on the Web, and thing-a-day mania is everywhere! All this, plus our host spotlights—one of which is the best site of all time!

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Neither quality or performance can be tested into a system. You need to maintain a continuous focus on performance while designing and developing your application. Project teams that delay performance testing to the last minute are setting themselves up for nasty surprises. Michael Vax will give us a look at how performance testing activities can be incorporated into the Agile development process.

Michael Vax is the co-founder of OnMaaS Software that utilizes power of social networks by providing Online Marketing as a Service platform to independent agents and small businesses. Prior to starting OnMaaS, Michael was the CTO of ElasticPath Software a leading provider of enterprise e-commerce platform.

Michael is the president of Agile Vancouver and is actively promoting Agile development process in Canada. He has spent more than 25 years in software development. During his career, he has worked as a developer, an architect, a development manager, a VP of Development, and a CTO.

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