Firefox 4 Mobile Beta 5 lands, stability and speed leading up to release

The Mozilla Foundation, known more for their Firefox desktop web browser, have released a new beta of their mobile browsing product.

Firefox 4 for Mobile Beta 5 is hoped to be the last major release needed before the final build is made available some time in March. Firefox Mobile supports Android and Maemo platforms, which means a whole host of devices are supported including Nokia’s N900.

“We focused mostly on stability, usability, and performance” writes the development team in their notes for this release. Beta 5 has no significant UI changes, but a lot has changed under the lid. There are speed improvements, faster page loads, and Javascript benchmarks all show faster for this build.

Mozilla have also made available a set of builds that run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, allowing developers to test out the mobile edition on their desktop while they’re developing. However, they are not intended to be used for anything other than development work as they aren’t as mature as their desktop counterparts.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Mozilla pushed beta 12 of their new Firefox 4 desktop browser, which it hopes is the last major release before final availability some time in March.

Firefox Mobile is available from the Mozilla site, or in the Android Market (users of Android 2.2+ can remotely install from here).

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