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CaliberRM 2005 Release 2 is the latest version of Borland’s requirements management package. The key new features are improved linking and traceability. These help connect requirements with the rest of the application lifecycle. It also has added secure sockets layer (SSL) support and new licensing options to help improve internal tracking, reporting and auditing across teams.

Enhanced integration with Borland’s StarTeam configuration management package enables users to link from requirements captured in CaliberRM to StarTeam in order to process items – including files, change requests, tasks, requirements and topics. A copy of Datamart is included to allow the extraction of business intelligence to monitor trends, discover opportunities, and optimise strategies related to software delivery. Datamart provides query and analysis capabilities that track metrics, trends and problem areas across multiple repositories. Search Server can also be used in data mining task to better understand the current state of a project and can work across multiple repositories to pull data together from geographically distributed teams.

CaliberRM is platform-neutral, and integrates with JBuilder, Delphi, Eclipse, Visual Studio and Mercury Quality Center/TestDirector. In addition it supports Windows Server 2003.

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