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This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Based on the Mindreef SOAPscope technology which it recently acquired, Progress Actional Diagnostics is a standalone quality and validation desktop product that helps application developers build, test and deliver XML-based services, including SOAP, REST, and POX. Actional Diagnostics can detect issues such as policy compliance early in the software development lifecycle and developers can use it to determine whether a service fits their needs before any code is written. Once services are identified for use, developers can inspect, invoke, test, and create simulations for prototyping and problem solving. Existing Mindreef customers will continue to benefit from SOAPscope features including early service simulation, design-time policy validation, and unit, functional, regression, and acceptance testing.

A new feature called Application X-Ray provides a view of what happens inside a service. For example, developers can see how downstream services are being used, what messages are sent on queues, details of Enterprise JavaBean invocations, database queries, and other relevant interdependencies such as load checking along their transaction path.

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