MonoMac release arrives, build Mac apps with C# and .NET

The Mono team have been extremely busy over the past few months. They've been getting MonoDevelop 2.6 ready, deploying .NET to Android, and generally pushing harder and harder since the purchase of Novell back in December.

They have now released a new preview of Mono for Mac. This essentially allows developers to integrate with OS X APIs from C#, but also comes with a lot more tricks up its sleeve. The core functionality is to make the OS X and Cocoa APIs available through C# bindings. They have now completed enough of this to make building fully-fledged applications in C# for Mac a viable option.

There is also now a packager available which enables developers to build their software into installers that are ready to be distributed to end users, including via the Mac App Store.

MonoMac is available as a plugin for MonoDevelop, so if you are using that already you only need upgrade or install the plugin to get access to all of the new goodness.

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