Mono publishes huge list of upcoming releases

Just in case you still thought the Mono project might be dead after Novell was purchased last month, the project’s leader Miguel de Icaza has posted a gigantic list of the things the Mono team has been working on since then and that they hope to release in the next few months.

Following the recent completion of the open-sourcing of F#, IronPython, IronRuby and UnityScript, packages for Linux and OS X will soon become available to “remove any friction that there might be in getting started” with the languages. Additionally, the modified version of F# will be pushed to the GitHub of the F# organisation.

For MonoDevelop, the cross-platform IDE designed to work with all of the software released by the Mono team, full Git support is incoming in version 2.6 through a Java to .NET conversion of the jGit library (into something called Ngit) – this provides a full Git implementation that works cross-platform. In addition to this, there is going to be a new online templating system to allow developers to provide templates in an online gallery, and a new profiler interface to match the re-written profiler that is also about to be released. This new profiler is a new implementation and renders obsolete the 4 previously available profilers (logging profiler, heap-shot profiler, heap-buddy profiler and statistical profiler) with one profiler that “does it all, does it better, and does it well”.

Finally, Mono on Android is shipping soon, MonoTouch is about to get an upgrade to version 2.8, and a huge list of Moonlight related releases to bring it up to speed with Silverlight 4.

I think we can safely say that the Mono project is safe for now.

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