AMD Aims To Boost Parallel Programming SDKs

Microprocessor manufacturer AMD is attempting to up its developer toolkit offerings with its latest AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Software Development Kit (SDK) v2.3 that features support for the first AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and the OpenCL 1.1 open standard.

Accelerated Parallel Processing is intended to give developers a route towards heterogeneous computing technology by enabling GPUs and CPUs to work together to run more demanding computing tasks faster than possible with just the CPU alone.

The new v2.3 SDK, previously known as the ATI Stream SDK, follows in line with the push to give developers an opportunity to program for parallel processing power using heterogeneous computing platforms.

“When developers harness the power of parallel processing within our APU designs, they can fundamentally change the PC experience to help not only make it faster, but also to create new possibilities in software,” said John Taylor, director of client product and software marketing at AMD. “In 2008, AMD was the first processor design company to embrace OpenCL -- and as such, we have made significant progress in parallel processing innovation."

AMD has also recently demoed a Bullet Physics plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2011 software. The new plug-in is also based on OpenCL and the open-source Bullet Physics Engine -- the company is hoping for positive uptake among game developers and 3D artists who want to access Maya’s workflow capabilities to create interactive cloth simulations on a greater range of workstations.

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