Windows Thin PC arrives in CTP

There's a new version of Windows on the block, and Microsoft have just made available its first CTP (Community Technology Preview). Unfortunately this is not the successor to Windows 7, but is instead a new thin client operating system.

Windows Thin PC (WinTPC to its friends) sits somewhere in the middle ground between full desktop PCs and full virtualisation. It gives IT administrators the option to repurpose old PC hardware, and bring it back to life. The OS is based on Windows 7, which means it comes with the latest features and is compatible with all the remote administration and deployment options Microsoft provides, but works over the network with a virtualisation server to perform the more heavy lifting.

Windows Thin PC is also designed to be considerably more secure than deploying Windows 7 to networked computers. On the PC itself, it is not possible for users to write to the hard disk, making it extremely difficult to compromise and very easy for administrators to lock down if desired.

Thin PC is now in CTP, and the download is available to anyone for free to try out from their site. As yet there is no official word when the final version is expected to be released, although Microsoft are encouraging organisations who are looking to take up thin clients and virtualisation to get on board and give feedback on this version now.

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