Use Git in PowerShell with ease using posh-git

Git is a popular piece of versioning software widely used in open source and, increasingly, enterprise projects as a method of managing code versioning. It is along similar lines with the Subversion, Mercurial (Hg), and code management features in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS). This popularity is largely due to a high number of popular open-source projects using the system; some advanced features that eliminate "pain points" of other software versioning tools; and companies such as GitHub offering free hosting for open-source projects.

Up until recently, Windows support was lacklustre at best. The TortoiseSVN team have produced a UI component called TortoiseGIT which does a lot of the heavy lifting if you like a nice user interface, but access to Git for developers working particularly with Visual Studio and .NET was limited.

This is all set to change as a fairly new open source project, entitled "posh-git", gains popularity. While Git integration into PowerShell was previously available through the command line, support was limited. The posh-git project enables tab completion of Git commands, more detailed information on your Git repositories, and extra features that make working with Git through PowerShell a much nicer experience.

Find out more about posh-git from its author, or clone it from GitHub.

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