NuGet 1.3 arrives with symbol publishing, better project support

A new version of NuGet, Microsoft’s .NET package manager, has been released less than a month after the previous version. NuGet 1.3 builds upon the 1.2 release which arrived at the end of March.

The major features in this release include the ability to publish symbols for your package to along with the package. This allows users of your packages to use the Visual Studio debugger to step into the source of the package during execution. There is also a new Open-PackagePage command, which allows developers to easily view web pages associated with packages.

On top of the major features are speed improvements on downloads using HTTP compression and faster installation of packages, and the ability to clear the package cache stored on the local machine. There are also some small improvements for specific project types: WiX and .NET Micro Framework projects are now supported, and NuGet works better with Mercurial, Git and Subversion by automatically ignoring files and folders which start with a period (.). Finally the Visual Studio add-in and NuGet command line application both use the same list of package sources, which clears up a number of issues, where they did not previously.

There’s more on the release details on the NuGet blog. Upgrade via the command line or Visual Studio 2010 extensions gallery.

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