Linux kernel 3.0 is released

The Linux kernel version 3.0 has been released.

In a suitably current method - a Google+ update - kernel creator and maintainer Linux Torvalds simply stated, "3.0 pushed out."

While moving from the 2.7 branch to 3.0 may seem like its deserving of a serious overhaul of the kernel, in reality there are few significant changes: it is more of a cumulative improvement over 2.7.

"Gone are the 2.6. days, and 3.0 is out" wrote Torvalds to the Kernel mailing list. "There are no special landmark features or incompatibilities related to the version number change, it's simply a way to drop an inconvenient numbering system in honour of twenty years of Linux."

"If anything, there are hopefully fewer [bugs] than usual, rather than the normal ".0" problems."

While there were relatively few changes to the release since the seventh release candidate, there were an overwhelmingly large number of changes overall. Torvalds stated, "the bigger "everything since 2.6.39" list is obviously unmanageable."

The 3.0 release had been delayed since around the 19th of July because a last-minute minor (but potentially quite annoying if ever anyone found it) bug in the pathname lookup subroutines, but the team is clearly now assured that the fix implemented is sufficient and the release has been made.

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