Canonical's Component Catalogue for Linux

Canonical is offering developers a free library card to its complete database of certified components for Ubuntu and Linux. The company, which works with the open source community to oversee the Ubuntu project, wants to try and show that it is making efforts reduce the time-to-market for Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) working on Ubuntu or Linux machines.

Canonical's catalogue is estimated to offer over 1300 certified components from 161 manufacturers, which in itself makes it arguably the largest list of Linux-compatible components available to developers today.

“There has not been a comprehensive, up-to-date freely available catalogue like this for a long time,” said Victor Palau, platform services manager at Canonical. “By making this open and easily searchable we want to speed the component selection for Ubuntu machines and allow us and our partner manufacturers to focus on the user experience.”

Attempting to position this move as beneficial to both corporate development shops and individuals alike, Canonical says that at the enterprise level, corporate buyers will be able to specify the design of their Ubuntu desktops or servers from manufacturers much more efficiently -- and that individuals also will benefit from an assurance that the key components of the machine they are considering will work with their preferred Ubuntu or Linux distribution.

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