PhoneGap brings full API support to Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has been added to the list of platforms fully supported by PhoneGap in its latest release which has just emerged.

PhoneGap is a platform which allows developers to build HTML and JavaScript apps which are then packaged into native applications for all kinds of platforms. In addition to this, it exposes numerous device APIs through standard JavaScript interfaces, so it is possible to write code for accelerometers, notifications, file downloads and storage once and it will work across all of the different platforms.

All of PhoneGap’s APIs are supported under the Windows Phone 7 platform. This includes compass, contacts, file access, media handling and three notification types. You can either package your app for WP7 using PhoneGap’s online Build service, or through Visual Studio (including Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone). There is also a PhoneGap user control so it can be integrated into existing projects without requiring a completely fresh project.

The PhoneGap project has been going from strength to strength. The company that founded it has been bought by Adobe, and the project is moving over to an Apache incubator project (named “Cordova”) which is supported by Microsoft, IBM, RIM and Adobe. View the full release announcement.

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