Detect IE 10 site compatibility problems automatically with Compat Inspector

Got a site that just won’t work properly in IE 9 or 10 beta? Microsoft’s IE team have released a new version of the Compat Inspector (Compatibility inspector) tool which helps developers to debug potential problems affecting their sites in the latest IE builds.

The tool is a JavaScript script which runs on the webpage as it is executing. It is a simple case of inserting a single JS script in the top of the file (before other scripts) and it can then do its work. Additionally, there is a snippet provided to allow Fiddler, the popular HTTP proxy used a lot amongst web developers, to automatically insert the script on pages it returns.

The script analyses various JavaScript API calls that the web page makes, and attempts to detect any possible calls that could cause problems when the script is run in IE 10. Example issues include detecting when code tries to sniff the user agent through navigator.userAgent, as well as other potential server-side issues when the page is rendered. The tool provides a helpful summary widget on each page which can be expanded into more detailed information on the potential issues.

The tool is available now – find out how to get it in your page or in Fidder on the IE team’s blog.

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