IE9 Platform Preview 4 ready for download

A new version of the IE 9 Platform Preview is now available to download from the IE 9 Test Drive site.

Version 4 brings a wide range of internal changes to improve the performance of the IE9 preview. Many of the changes focus around Javascript and improving page rendering performance, for example the Javascript engine is now built into the browser (as opposed to previous previews, where it was more of an attachment on the side), and the renderer and Javascript engine now share the same DOM.

The IE9 Platform Previews continue Microsoft’s commitment to improving standards support in the new major IE version, and the additional standards support in Preview 4 bring the Acid 3 score for the browser up to 95/100. More tests have been submitted to W3C working groups, and they are taking on board feedback from Connect, Microsoft’s platform for allowing developers to send bugs and problems with their software.

Along with this release, the IE9 Test Drive site has been updated with additional tests, including Hamster Dance Revolution and Psychedelic Browsing. Microsoft have also provided some helpful tips on how to get started preparing your site for IE9 today, which can be found on Mike Ormond’s blog. There's more info on the release on the IE blog.

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