CouchOne Mobile for Android brings CouchDB to your mobile

Back in July we wrote about CouchDB, the first of the emergent so-called “NoSQL” databases to reach version 1.0 and production status.

Now, CouchOne (formerly CouchIO) – the company founded by the creator of CouchDB – has made available CouchOne Mobile for Android. Built on the code that powers CouchDB, CouchOne brings the JSON and JavaScript based document store to your Android device for developers to leverage.

The idea behind CouchOne is that it provides developers with a device-native data store, where they can use their skills from web development with CouchDB and JavaScript to work with data on the Android platform and in Android apps. The killer feature of CouchOne is that it has built-in data synchronization with CouchDB through the advanced replication features. This means developers can rely on CouchDB’s technology to handle syncing the data between as many Android devices and servers as the user may need, without having to add any extra code or worry about handling downtime.

You can get the latest build of CouchOne for Android today from CouchOne. It currently supports Android 2.1 and 2.2 and is recommended for prototyping only – it is still pending optimization for mobile devices with reductions in installation size and memory use which are promised for future versions.

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