Updates to Azure Tools for PHP for Eclipse bring one-click deploy and more

At the end of last month we wrote about a new set of tools for PHP developers to help with building and deploying PHP applications to Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. These included the Azure Companion, Azure Command-Line Tools for PHP and the Azure SDK for PHP. There has just been an update released to the Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP, bringing a wide range of user-requested features.

The October 2010 CTP (Community Technology Preview) also enhances the Azure workflow, and includes new capabilities such as one-click deployment of PHP apps to Azure and support for Azure Diagnostics. It also integrates the open-source AppFabric SDK for PHP Developers, which allows the connection of PHP applications running on-site to applications running on the Azure platform. Finally the support for multiple Web Roles and Worker Roles in large PHP applications has been added, as well as support for Windows Azure Drive to help developers migrate legacy applications.

Find out more about the update to the tools on the Microsoft Interoperability Principal Architect’s blog, and how to make the best of Azure with your PHP applications with Brian Swan. You can download the updated tools now from the dedicated website, or use the automatic update feature in Eclipse.

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