Data binding in Javascript made easy with Knockout framework

A new version of Knockout, the JavaScript client-side model/view pattern framework, has been released today. Version 1.1 adds a significant number of features to the previous release and improves support for the framework.

The framework enables the simplification of Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern implementations on the client side, by providing developers with an easy method of binding JavaScript objects to DOM elements in a similar way .NET interfaces (for example XAML and Silverlight) allow data binding. This means that when you update the JavaScript object, the DOM is automatically updated to show the new data. It also works in reverse, so if you have form elements bound to an object, when the user changes their value the JavaScript object is updated automatically. While this implements a similar pattern to what many .NET developers will already be used to, it works with many existing frameworks, and has samples for PHP, Ruby on Rails (with Sinatra render framework), and ASP.NET MVC.

New features in this release include simpler syntax, better integration with jQuery’s templating engine (which will be in jQuery Core 1.5 and is currently an extension), new minification, and a new support website. Additionally, this release supports IE 9, making it compatible with all major modern web browsers.

To find out more about Knockout 1.1, check out the project page, or download it right away.

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