CTP of next version of SQL Server "Denali"

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) conference is in full swing in Seattle, and today there was a big announcement by the SQL Server team at Microsoft. The next version of SQL Server has had its first CTP released as part of the conference. While it isn’t formally named yet, SQL Server code-named “Denali” CTP 1 is available to download for conference attendees, and MSDN and TechNet subscribers.

As you would expect for a major update to SQL Server, there are a significant number of updates coming with the CTP. Denali includes a single infrastructure based on Windows clustering to manage mirroring, clustering and log shipping for SQL Server instances – vastly improving the manageability of groups of SQL servers. It also includes a high-availability and disaster recovery system (“HADR”) which is designed to provide the absolute maximum uptime possible on databases with the use of “availability groups”, which provides failover resources should nodes become unavailable. This is on top of various (to be confirmed) scalability and performance enhancements, security improvements, and a huge list of changes to the integration services.

There’s some general details on the CTP with Megan Keller; Aaron Bertrand has an installation guide; and there is a big stack of details (along with some placeholders) on the MSDN documentation site.aspx). You can download the CTP if you’re eligible for the duration of the PASS conference.

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