CouchOne and Membase merge to form NoSQL super-company

The companies behind two of the post popular so-called “NoSQL” databases have merged, the two CEOs announced earlier this week. CouchOne, the company behind the database formerly known as CouchDB, has merged with Membase, authors of the Membase software that is based on the popular Memcached, have created Couchbase. The companies say their products will survive together in the Couchbase suite of applications.

“With our unified resources, we will be able to more rapidly deliver increasingly innovative data management solutions, with unquestioned production readiness and without compromises on quality. Put another way, we’re going to rock the database world” writes the new team. Membase provides a scalable, elastic caching system that is used by companies such as Zynga to provide caching and alleviate database load on high throughput applications. Meanwhile, CouchOne had been focusing on providing a database that had a simple RESTful interface, and providing offline and sync capabilities. For example, CouchOne for Android provides the entire CouchOne database to an Android application, which can then be synchronised with a database on a server when an internet connection becomes available.

“The remarkable fit transcends technology alone. The cultural fit between teams is hand in glove. We are maniacally focused on building amazing technology and products that delight our users. We’re intensely competitive” writes Membase CEO James Phillip. It looks like the next few months could be very interesting for this particular “NoSQL” partnership.

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