Less Framework version 4 arrives, makes cross device web design simple

Today sees the release of version 4 of the Less Framework. Less is a CSS framework designed to make building elegant web applications for the wide range of devices available today as simple as possible.

"I believe everyone writes css differently, so I’ve tried to make Less Framework as simple as possible. There are no predefined classes, pre-compilers, or other wizardry; just a simple idea and a bunch of grids" writes Joni Korpi, Less Framework maintainer.

The framework makes use of CSS 3 media queries to enable different CSS (and therefore web page layouts) to be applied to different screen resolutions. The end result is the same content rendered so that it looks great on everything from giant desktop monitors to your mobile phone, and everything in between.

The default layout is 10 columns, and for screen sizes of width 992 pixels and above. This is also the default if the browser does not support media queries in CSS (basically IE 6-8). From there, there is an 8-column 768-pixel wide layout for netbooks and tablets such as the iPad, a 5-column 480-pixel layout for landscape mobiles (which is mostly built from the default layout) and a 3-column 320-pixel layout for mobiles such as the iPhone in portrait mode.

As well as being available standalone, Less comes with a sample layout and is used in numerous other projects as a foundation for them. You can get it (MIT license) from the Less website.

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