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JB International provides intensive, hands-on instructor-led training. Our instructors and consultants have solid commercial development experience, as well as deep theoretical knowledge of their technologies. Some of the biggest names in Retail, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, CRM, Banking and the Public Sector have chosen us to deliver bespoke courses for them, again and again. Questions? Just call 0800 028 6400 and ask for Tom.

Past events

  • C# 3.0 and LINQ with Visual Studio 2008 Training Course

    19-20 Nov 2008 in London, United Kingdom

    This course has been developed to help existing C#.NET 2.0 programmers and developers upgrade their .NET development skills and learn about the new features of Microsoft's C# 3.0 and LINQ to XML and ADO.NET using Visual Studio 2008 (currently codenamed Orcas).

  • Silverlight Training Course

    12-14 Dec 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    Hands-on Silverlight training course for web developers who are looking to produce cross-browser rich internet applications using Microsoft Silverlight. Some experience of developing AJAX, Python, Ruby, or .NET applications (.NET v1.1 or 2.0) is required, and a good understanding of general web technologies.

  • Advanced ASP.NET 2.0 & ATLAS - now with overview of Silverlight

    26-30 Nov 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    Our Advanced ASP.NET 2.0 course not only gives delegates with experience in .NET 1.1 the opportunity to learn some of the best new features in Visual Studio 2005, but will also provide delegates with advanced knowledge of ASP.NET programming and techniques. We will focus on best practises, OOP, web services, and focus extensively on the new AJAX-like features implemented in ATLAS.

  • Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005

    12-16 Nov 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    This Business Intelligence training course has been written to cover all the main aspects of designing and building data warehouses and cubes using SQL Server 2005, Analysis Services and Integration Services, and how to make best use of the reporting functionality of Reporting Services. Available as a public or closed course at our London training centre, delivered on-site as a bespoke, customised training course.

  • ASP.NET 2.0 Enterprise Web Development

    22-26 Oct 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    The ASP.NET 2.0 training course will provide delegates with a sound base in ASP.NET 2.0 programming to create commercial web applications and services. Users are shown best practices throughout and given performance and design tips and guidelines.

  • JavaEE (J2EE) Programming

    22-26 Oct 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    The J2EE Programming training course provides an overview of the J2EE architecture, and introduces delegates to the development and implementation of scalable distributed applications using Enterprise Javabeans (EJB), Servlets, and Java Server Pages (JSP).

  • SOA - Service Oriented Architecture for Managers & Architects

    22-23 Oct 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    Ideally suited to high-level enterprise application architects, developers and managers, our SOA training course will bring you up to speed with what SOA is all about. Available in our London training centre, or customised on-site (with the option to focus on your particular tools of choice - WCF, AquaLogic, ServiceMix, WebSphere Integration Developer etc).

  • Fast-track introduction to Java programming

    18-20 Jun 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    This highly acclaimed hands-on Java programming training course provides delegates who prefer a fast track learning route with intensive practical tuition using Sun’s Java Development Kit (JDK). Suitable for programmers coming into Java from other fully-compiled languages such as VB, C# etc.

  • .NET 2.0 Programming with C# / VB.NET

    21-25 May 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    This intensive course has been specifically designed to address the requirements of developers who are new to the .NET environment with a comprehensive introduction to creating typical commercial applications within the Visual Studio.NET framework using C# / VB.NET. Delegates will be introduced to the Visual Studio.NET 2005 and .NET Framework 2 and will learn to develop applications using C# / VB.NET.

  • Writing Secure Code in .NET

    14-16 May 2007 in London, United Kingdom

    This course will provide delegates with a sound understanding of modern day requirements for building secure applications from the ground up.

  • Multi-threaded .NET Programming with C#

    27-29 Nov 2006 in London, United Kingdom

    This intensive course has been specifically designed to address the requirements of developers who wish to take advantage of multiprocessor machines or machines with dual logical / physical cores. Available on our public schedule, or as a custom, on-site training course.

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