Beginning XML


This is a sample chapter from Beginning XML Programming

In this chapter you will learn:

  • How to create XML elements using start- and end-tags
  • How to further describe elements with attributes
  • How to declare your document as being XML
  • How to send instructions to applications that are processing the XML document
  • Which characters aren't allowed in XML, and how to put them in anyway

Because XML and HTML appear so similar, and because you're probably already familiar with HTML, we'll be making comparisons between the two languages in this chapter. However, if you don't have any knowledge of HTML, you shouldn't find it too hard to follow along.

If you have Internet Explorer 5, you may find it useful to save some of the examples in this chapter on your hard drive, and view the results in the browser. If you don't have IE5, some of the examples will have screenshots to show what the end results look like.

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