Concatination, and Ranges

  • 16 years ago

    SELECT Characters.NAME, concat(Characters.Body, Dice.DICE), Forums.NAME, Guilds.NAME
    FROM Characters, Forums, Guilds, Dice
    WHERE Guilds.GC = Characters.SN AND (Characters.EXP >= Dice.EXPMin AND Characters.EXP <= Dice.EXPMax) AND Characters.FORUM = Forums.ID AND Characters.GUILD = Guilds.ID;

    Red:  Seriously, how do you do this in ACCESS?

    Blue:  Ok, let me describe.  I want to show the Dice.DICE value when the Characters.EXP value is >= Dice.EXPMin AND is <= Characters.EXPMax.  It doesn't work for some reason...  I checked the values in the table, they are all correct.  I also tried (Characters.EXP BETWEEN Dice.EXPMin AND Characters.EXPMax) but all it did was return random values.

    And, on a side note, how do you reference Previous or Next Row Values in ACCESS?  I am thinking of the Validation Rules in Design View.

    Yes, I am new to ACCESS.

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