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  • 15 years ago

    Hope someone out there can help. I am new to this forum so please be kind.
    I have a Windows 2000 Standard server running the usual DNS, DHCP, Active Directory etc.
    The server had not been rebooted since it was deployed last year, that was until Friday last week.
    I ran an AV upgrade and had to reboot, after rebooting none of the workstations would log and just sat at the 'Loading Settings' screen.
    After a long diagnosis i found that the DHCP server was disonnected. It reconnected and it looked fine until i tried to log the
    workstations on again, when i found i had the same problem. I went back into DHCP and found it was disconnected again, although the
    service was still running.
    To cut a long story short when i enable DHCP in the Server Management Console it is fine, that is until i shut down the
    Server Management Console. As soon as i shut the console down the DHCP disconnects and i cannot log in again.
    I have run all updates that were available for the server but still have the saame problem.
    I know it is not the AV that is doing it. What can it be?

    If anyone has any ideas i would be grateful for some help.



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