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  • 15 years ago
    Hello, I have a DataBase Access 2002.  A Table_Card with a list of all cards (Card_Name)  and a Table_Card_Employee with Emp_ID and Employee_Card.  Those two related to a Table_Employee.

    I want to display in a ComboBox the list of the Card from Table_Card excluding those Cards already in
    Table_Card_Employee from a specific Emp_ID

    SELECT Table_Card.Card_Name FROM  Table_Employee INNER JOIN (Table_Card INNER JOIN Table_Card_Employee ON Table_Card.Card_Name = Table_Card_Employee.Employee_Card) ON Table_Employee.ID = Table_Card_Employee.Emp_ID
    WHERE (((Table_Card.Card_Name)<>[Table_Card_Employee].[Employee_Card])
    AND ((Table_Employee.ID)='U62404'))
    ORDER BY Table_Employee.ID;

    It shows me an empty query...!  any help

    Thank you

  • 15 years ago

    Not sure exactly how your schema is set up but try something like this:

    SELECT TableCard.CardName FROM  TableEmployee INNER JOIN (TableCard INNER JOIN TableCardEmployee ON TableCard.CardName = TableCardEmployee.EmployeeCard) ON TableEmployee.ID = TableCardEmployee.EmpID
    Employee.ID)='U62404' AND

    (TableCard.CardName) NOT IN Select EmployeeCard from TableCard_Employee

    ORDER BY Table_Employee.ID;

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