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  • 15 years ago

    I the following tables in my Access database:

    tblRun (has a user defined name for grouping manufacturing items for production)
    tblWorkOrder (actual items that will be grouped into each run via the tblRunSetup)
    tblRunSetup (contains foreign keys for run name (from tblRun), the items (from tblWorkOrder), and a quantity field for the number of items to make for each run. This table is where the actual runs will be created)
    tblWorkOrderLineItem (keeps track on how many of any given item per run is complete, with the site it is stored at, and the employee that did the work)

    My trouble is that I want to set up combo boxes in a Work Order Entry Form that will allow the user to select an individual run name and one of the corresponding items from the work order in separate combo boxes. However, the current way I have the tblWorkOrderLineItem setup only references the tblRunSetup through a single foreign key. I can't setup up two different combo boxes from a single foreign key, can I? How would I do this?

    Let me know if I am not making sense. I know it is difficult to read minds over the Internet, not seeing the actual problem.



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