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  • 14 years ago
        Hi all,

    I'm creating a new website, and I need a few suggestions for the topic, how and what it will be about (it's a new project). I need something that may or may not have a shopping cart (or something resembling this), something that must have an administration (and the regular user part, of course) and it will probably integrate bits and pieces of flash here and there (the menu, for example, a small animation etc, but nothing big).

    Example of topics that i've thought of, but are not acceptable (because they're... "old" and common): website for selling/trading   goods/hardware/cars/food/electronics/etc

    . (usually they have a shopping cart and some presentational features), online website for taking exams  (user/admin part, student/teacher...etc), online traveling agency & reservations, online restaurant & reservations.

    As I said, those above are not acceptable. I need something professional and innovative, something that will be created using new and innovative technology, not necessarely used online (maybe a website used to help coordonate some activities between the local centers of a bigger company, a university, distributed computing, etc, things like this) and it's something that in the end will be presented in front of a big group of people, and must make a very good impression, just because of the idea itself .

    So there must be new ideas, that will not give the sensation of "deja vu" or something that already is common (or even less common) on the internet, or it has been done before. It may be even something that will be useful only to a handfull of people, but it doesn't really matter, as long as the idea is good.

    What i said above leaves little room for other choices, but I hope you can help me.
    Just throw in any suggestions, who knows which may be the right one Smiley Face [:)]

  • 14 years ago
         i think if u dont used flash movies in between then it will be much better... coz.. u have stated that the web site will be used by group of people of a company.. these flash movies are intresting for the first time... but if it continues every day then which makes the user get bored..
  • 14 years ago

    Hi x-dev,

                   That suggestion given by Shubha is a good one. and also the flash movies affect the performance of ur website. It takes lot of time to download. and u just refer the below links    .

            and one more thing avoid include much no of images like Background and etc..

            and maximum use the single color shade for a whole page , avoid using the contrast colors, i mean don't in clude the unmatched colors in a single page.This is my suggestion, But i dont know how useful for u...







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