"Named Query" & " Named Calculation" in SQL Server Business Intelligence

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  • 14 years ago
    I created a Datasource, a Data Source View successfully.
    *But when i create a "Named Query" , I  have a  error  show that "Object  reference  not set to an instance of a object "  .So  you can help me to  create  a  "Named Query" successfully !

    *One more, what should i do with "Expression" in "Create Named Calculation" dialog appearing when i create a "Named Calculation" for a table "Customers" for following example :
     "i have a talbe named 'Customers' with fields : 'ID','Name','Age'.I want to create a 'Named calculation' with table name 'Test_Age' and show result that {If When [Age] <20 Then 'Less than 20' When [Age] < 30 Then 'Between 20 and 30' Else 'Over or equal 30'} So, what can i express in "Expression" of "Create Named Calculation" dialog ?
    Please give a example detail ! Thanks !
    And if you have a Ebook for researching Business Intelligence(about Forcasting,Decission Tree,Probability ...) of SQL server 2005, plz share me or show me a link for dowloading !

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