creating new word document for each record in access

  • 13 years ago

    hello all

    i am kind of new here in this fourm ,but i would appreciate any help form anyone

    i am creating a system in access for out outgoing letter and i have these records

    From, To , subject , date, address, fax number ,project no,reference ,i want to create a button on my form to open new word application with these data fields inside and the end user has to write the body of the letter after that he will save and close (i should be able to open the complete letter later from this button )

    any help in this i will be highly appreciated


  • 13 years ago

    There is a quick cheat on this I have used, Firstly create a query and using vb print it to a text file with commas and headings. Then in word create a document linked to the data stored in the text file and save it as a template.

    When your user presses the button the text file if present is deleted, the file is the recreated, the template is opened and surprisingly hold the information from the text file. As the text file is held on the users loacl machine, and the template is opened from a shared directory, there should be no locking of the word document.

    Hope this helps.

    Alan Hill

  • 13 years ago

    thx for your Help

    i think i got your idea but it is ain't work with me yet

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