Use vb2005 to detect the pen driver

  • 13 years ago

    I am doing a final year project for my school and is going to provide for an organization, so I am asking for some help on here.

    Indeed, I have no idea on how to get the input from my pen driver and use on vb2005 as when I activate the pen driver, it will run its own program itself and when I deactivate it, it become a mouse.

    Therefore, I need to find out how to use the pen to write words on the vb2005 program instead of being either a mouse or a pen in its program.

    I want to use the pen to write in vb2005, what can I do and what shall I do?

    My pen is inputted in a USB device and is being used together with my
    mouse in the computer.

    What I indeed what to do is:

    When I start running my vb2005 program, my mouse can still be used.
    Also, when I use the pen and write or draw something on the pen pad, I
    can receive the signal on a specific area in the program.

    But since I can't get the open source from the writing pad, I think I
    have to work on the pen's specific .exe program(DrawObj.exe?,
    pphidpad.exe?, sort_box.exe?) (I dunno which executable file I should
    run to receive the signal from the pen and used it in the program)

    How can I receive the signal from a USB device(pen drive detection)
    and use the pen's specific part(drawing) on my vb2005 program. Please

    I am very worried about my project and very urgent

    Please help me

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