Creating form within subform in php

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  • 13 years ago


    Ok thank for your solution, i got it right now.But i have another problem want to do. I want to develop the admin page which can input the data into 2 tables at the same in PHP and MySQL such as the form within the sub form in Ms-Access. But i dont know how to do it with php.

    here are example the table that i want to you

    tblairline(id, airlinename, airlinecode, departure, arrival, price)

    tblairlinedetails(id, flightNo, fromtime , totime)

    so it means that 1 airline has alot of flight number.The relationships 1 to many.

    then i want to develop the form to input the data into these two table such as the form and subform in access.But i don't know  how to develop it. So could you give me the concept or some example to develop it?

    Finally, thank for your respond.

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