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  • 13 years ago

    Hi all I have a sales order database. I need to get the details from the order details to print out in an invoice format. when I create a report it keeps bringing up all the invoices. if anyone knows a quick way to get a good looking invoice with the relevant bit on, it has to be by one button click.

    Thanks guys


  • 13 years ago

    Dude.. you need to start using Visual Basic but give me 2 days and i will let you know


    cheers The George

  • 13 years ago

    Hi Mark

    This might be a little late now, but I had the same requirement as you yesterday.  I searched a load of forums and didn't find an answer.  However I had a brainwave last night that worked this morning and the result is exactly what you are after and the great thing is it is a simple solution.

    On your order form you will need a primary key (or a unique piece of data).  When you fill in the order the order itself will be assigned this key field (or unique piece of data).  The query that drives the report will need to point to the key field (or unique piece of data) as the criteria of the query. 

    For example - my order form is called OrderForm.  My Primary Key is called OrderNum.  So the query that drives the report for the invoice will need to reference my OrderNum on the OrderForm.

    Ensure that the primary key (or unique field),in my case OrderNum, is present in the query that drives the report.  The criteria for OrderNum in the query:


    Save the query - ensure that it is this query that is driving your report and your report will only report on the active OrderNum from the OrderForm.

    Hope this helps.


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