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  • 13 years ago
    I am confuse about Ajax's working. I have an javascript onchange event in dropdown that connect to server using Ajax.like this

    Dropdown1 --> onchange( i clear Dropdown2,Dropdown3 and get data use Ajax to Dropdown2 )

    Dropdown2 --> onchange ( i clear Dropdown3 and get data use Ajax to Dropdown3 )

    After i select all Dropdown (1,2,3).
    i click submit button that will save the data of dropdowns to database
    when i click button the value of Dropdown2,Dropdown3 is disappear.
    I think before back to server the onchange of Dropdown1 is working and clear data of Dropdown2,Dropdown3 .am i wrong? or this is a bug of Ajax?
    Am i must save the data of dropdown to hidden textbox before send to server?

    Someone pls explain me about Ajax's working.Thanks


  • 13 years ago

    Please post your site code so that people can understand how your forming the requests, explaining the problem with an attempt at describing what your trying to do isnt helping you at all. Its like asking a blind man to read the headline of the daily tabloid.

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