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  • 13 years ago

    I'm doing an Inventory system for a school, the tables will be in the MS Access and the form desgining and everything will be in VB.NET.

    I did my tables but I want to be sure if its ok or need to be change


    these are my tables

    Items_tbl (Item_Code, Item_Des, Item_Name, Item_Type, Brand_Name, Quantity, Available, Eliminated, Moved, Supplier_ID, Receiver_ID, Loc_ID, Received_Date, Distributed_Date, Reasons)

    Receiver_tbl (Receiver_ID, Receiver_Name, Phone_No)

    Supplier_tbl (Supplier_ID, Company_Name, Contact_Name, Phone_No, Mobile_No)

    Types_tbl (Types_ID, Types_Desc)

    Location_tbl(Loc_ID, Loc_Desc)

    My system should allow the user to add any items come to the school, add the supplier name or provider, the date that items received, quantity of items received. It should allow the user to decide the type of any items he/she add (for example if the items received is Computer Table, then the user add the code no of that table, name of it, description about it and mention the type of it by chosing from combo box (the type for for example:Furniture, Hardware, Software, Electronic, Cleaning Tools) this table is Furniture for sure, then the user can chose from another combo to select the brand of that table if its there otherwise no need to fill this field if the brand is not clear on that item, the user should also able to chose the place or location where he/she want to put that item(for example he received 20 computer tables from **** company, he decide to put 10 tables in the computer lab, 5 will be in the class room and the other 5 tables will be in the teachers room) so he should be able to choose the location from a combo box too.


    The system will include another form which allows the user to make any movement of any items in the future, for example at the begning of this year the school received 39 chairs and it has been in classroom 1, at semester 2 the no of students become less in class 1 and it increased in classroom 2 so the user moved some chairs from classroom1 to classroom2, so the system should allow the user to do that operation and chose from the previous location the number or quantity of items that need to be moved and put them into new location which is classroom2, the system should subtruct the items from classroom 1 and add them to classroom 2 so that if the user want to print a report it will show him/her a history of what have been done)


    also, the user should be able to show a report of all items if its available, has been moved from one place to another inside the school, or the items has been eliminated from the school, of course this has to be done before by another form)


    so, is that all tables I need? or its not complete?


    please help me, just want to correct my tables for me or give me any idea for improvment

    I need it very soon cuz i have onle 2 weeks to submit my project and I don't know how to do it

    Please help me



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