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    I need to create website using dreamweaver mx for my coursework it needs to have a members area that has a login so that people can view the pages and a basic shopping cart facility that has to be created in php and mysql. The website is not for public viewing so it will not be published on the web. I am totally new to php and mysql and want help with the following questions:

    1. Does Dreamweaver have php and mysql if not where can I get it from?

    2. What is Apache and do I need it?

    3. I dont want the website to be available publicly so how can I view my php and mysql application to see if it is working without putting it on the net?

    4.Where is the best place to find tutorials/help on creating a basic shopping cart and a members login that requires registration for complete beginners/

    Sorry if these questions seem stupid but I have no programming experience and have not got a clue.Any help would be greatly appreciated

    many thanks 

  • 13 years ago
    1. Search for "xampp" in google. Xampp is a package that provides php, mysql, and apache so that you can test your websites.

    2. Apache is a webserver. While you don't need it (as you can use others), you will need some webserver to test out your php scripts

    3. Don't open port 80 on your firewall. Once apache is installed you'll access your website by opening your broweser and typing either "http://localhost/" or "" into the address bar.

    4. The best place for that is a book. I use Professional PHP5 is my reference book, but I'm sure there are others which people will suggest. If you don't want to buy a book (and lets face it, who wants to spend money?) Then use google to search for "php tutorials".

    If you do nothing else, download the php manual from It is the best guide as to how to use phps functions.

    For mysql, search for "mysql tutorials" in google, or download the mysql manual from

  • 13 years ago

    If all you're doing is using your Windows machine to write simple PHP code and then upload it to a server, you might as well just use IIS. (Microsoft's rival web server, Internet Information Services)

    Yes, Apache runs PHP better and all that jazz, but at the end of the day if you're just developing the code then it's a helluva lot easier, especially if you're not overly familiar with Linux-type thingys.

    What OS are you using? If you're using Win2000, WinXP Pro (or the correct version of Vista), you'll have IIS available to you. You can then just download the windows installer from the PHP web site and you'll be away.

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