Sending MIME Mail without body

  • 13 years ago
    Hi.  I'm trying to make a POP3 connector for internal use. I know there are ready solutions, but I think it's not that hard thing to do, and I'd like to learn how to do it.

    The internal to external part is working good, basically this way:
    1. My app is listening on a specific port;
    2. Exchange relays unresolved (external) mail to my app;
    3. My app's connecting to my ISP's SMTP server and, besides the auth part, is reading from Exchange and writing to the SMTP server, line to line.

    It's sending plain text, HTML and attachments.  All fine.

    The problem is when I try to retrieve mail from our POP3 boxes and relay them to my local Exchange. 

    Plain text mail is working fine, but when I have some MIME mail, I get no text in the message body.  All header fields (From, To (including display name) and subject are OK).

    The proccess goes this way:
    1. Connect to my ISP's POP3 server;
    2. Retrieve the messages and write'em the same way (line to line) to my local Exchange.

    I know System.Net.Mail, but since I already have the messages ready to send (with all the Base64 encodings for the attachments, i.e.), it would be much easier to do it this way.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.   =)


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