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csharp Greece
  • 13 years ago
    I am aware that tabcontrol has many issues (which there is a trend from MS to call them limitations but I call them bugs) and unfortunately I am here to add another.

    Here is my sitution: I am using Framework 2.0 for a Winforms app (IDE VS2005 sp 1). I am using a tabcontrol to house many txtBoxes (single and multiline) and comboboxes all databound. When i try to add append a string to a txtbox that is inside the tabcontrol during form load the code is tottally ignored.

    To be more precise: Forms loads and displays data, on second ta i have a multiline txt box that contains the comments the user have entered for the particual record.When try to append the record's id and date created (all valid field in my db and loaded during the load event) the code gets executed the string is appended and when form load exits the txtbox contains just the data from the db field that it is bound, noit my appended string.

    Funny thing is, that when I try doing the same thing with a databound txtbox outside the tabcontrol it works fine (it even works fine when the txtbox is inside a different container like a groupbox) so I am sure that is BUG of tabcontrol. Tried all possible events and allthough they fire they still dont behave as expected.

    If anyone has encountered it and solved or you see me missing something here please let me know otherwise its yet another glorious bug for good ol' MS (cheers lads)!

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