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  • 13 years ago
    i am making a web page that will get information from the database(using mysql and php as server side scripting). i am using css as my layout. i was just wondering if the data i am going to get from the database cannot fit into one line, is it possible the text will go beyond the borders of my div element?
    For example:
    the row of my table has to exceed the borders of my div element... I set the div element's width to how many pixels... and the row of the table cannot fit..

    what happens to this situation? will the row change the in height or will it exceed the borderS?

  • 13 years ago
    I assume you alredy found an answer. If not I can try to help you.

    The answer depends on what data you get delivered.

    If you get row data without any formatting it works like plain text.
    Just try to fill you div with "too much" text and see what happens.
    You can controll this completely with CSS.

    If you get a pre-formated text (a template), you will have to know if the template that has to fit in your div has a fixed width. If it has the wrong width someone has to change this in PHP.


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