MySQL errors while deployment

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  • 13 years ago


    I am facing this incessant problem.

    I have opened a Dbase connection in VB6 and i am able to read and write to the dbase corretcly from the  vb ide.

    Since i have to deploy the code to another machine,i need to create a installer for my code.

    Cut i am facing a lot of difficulties in doing so.

    Basically when i create an .exe of my code it is unable to connect to my database.

    So is the same story for the installer


    I have run both mdac_typ.exe version 2.8 and jet 4.0 SP8

    I am very sure it is something to do with the drivers and stuff but cant make sense what this could be

    Could you find some way out of this mess.



  • 13 years ago

    Did you use an ODBC DSN to connect when you started work in the IDE?

    If so, you will need to recreate the DSN on the target machine.

  • 13 years ago

    Hey thanks  jefftullin  for the response.

    Actually yes..I did create a DSN when I started working in on this project..But I then reverted to connecting using a login screen and dynamically create a connection string to initiate a connection.

    So what you propose is that I will have to create a DSN on the target machine,even though I may not use it in my application to connect.


    Why is this errant behaviour occuring.?.can you point me to a link to something on the web that explains this..

    Thanks a ton!


  • 13 years ago

    Things to try:

    a) Check that all data aware items in your app are using the connection you create on the fly, ie that you have not left some of them using the DSN

    b) The target machine won't have VB6, but open a VB screen from an Office Application (Excel? Word), and add the connection code there. Step through it and prove that it connects. Maybe the database has a different password on that machine.

    The beauty of creating a DSN on the target machine, and connecting through it, is that you can use it to test connectivity without having your app in the frame.


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