Why the date is not updated on the table if using calendar?

  • 13 years ago

    I have multiple records to be updated at 1 time. One of the field is Date which i need to pick the date from the calendar. The problem is if i use the calendar to pick the date and click on Update button, the Date will not be updated in the table. I have no problem with the calendar. It is only that the value from the calendar will not be updated unless i manually enter the Date then only it will be updated in the table. Any idea?
    This is the code,

    <input name=ReqDt<%=intRecID%> onClick="RecUpdate('<%=intRecID%>')" type="text" value="<%=(Rs1.Fields.Item("DT").Value)%>" size="6"> <input name="image" type="image" onClick="popUpCalendar(this, this.form.ReqDt<%=intRecID%>,'dd-mmm-yyyy');return false;" src="image/ew_calendar.gif" alt="Pick a Date">
    i've also changed the event from onChange to onClick (on the ReqDt) but it doesn't work.
    thanx in advance

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