URGENT!!!! dbf to csv using visual basic 6

  • 13 years ago

    Hello Big Smile

    I am trying to extract all the information from DBF in foxpro to excel's CSV but I have an error and I have not found where the error is, please remember that I am just a beginner Embarrassed


    the code is here

    Option Explicit
    Dim mstrConnectionString As String
    Dim FExists As Boolean

    Private Sub Form_Load()

       Dim DBFileName As String, PathDBFileName As String
      DBFileName = "reg501.dbf"
      PathDBFileName = App.Path

       mstrConnectionString = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};" & _
                   "SourceType=DBF;" & _
                   "SourceDB=" & PathDBFileName & ";" & _
    '   dcexport.Visible = False
       dcexport.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM " & DBFileName

    End Sub

    Private Sub cmdExport_Click()
      Dim fieldnum As Integer
      Dim cellstring As String
      Dim headstring As String
      Dim daAnswer
     cdexport.CancelError = True
     On Error GoTo SaveErr

      With cdexport
        .DialogTitle = "Export to CSV"
        .Filter = "Excel Import File (*.csv)|*.csv"
        .FileName = "tester"
      End With
      FileExists (cdexport.FileName)
      If FExists = True Then
        daAnswer = MsgBox("File Exists. Overwrite?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "File Exists")
        If daAnswer = vbNo Then
        End If
      End If
      Open cdexport.FileName For Output As #1
     Print #1, "SOME TEXT I NEED TO PUT ON"
      dcexport.Recordset.Bookmark = dgexport.Bookmark
      For fieldnum = 0 To dgexport.Columns.Count - 1 'Routine for writing the header to the CSV File
        headstring = headstring & dgexport.Columns(fieldnum).Caption & ","
      Print #1, headstring

      Do While dcexport.Recordset.EOF = False  'For each row in the datacontrol
        For fieldnum = 0 To dcexport.Recordset.Fields.Count - 1
            cellstring = cellstring & dcexport.Recordset.Fields(fieldnum).Value & "," ' comma is for the csv format
        Print #1, cellstring
        cellstring = ""

      Close #1

        If Err <> 32755 Then ' 32755 : Cancel was selected
        End If
        Exit Sub

    End Sub

    'I claim no credit for this routine. I discovered this on PSC a long time ago, and
    'it has been part of my applications ever since - short and neat!

    Function FileExists(ByVal FileName As String)

       Dim Exists As Integer
       On Local Error Resume Next 'If some problem continue, code handles problems inherintly
       Exists = Len(Dir(FileName$)) 'Dir returns either a null string (len 0) or a filename
       On Local Error GoTo 0
     If Exists = 0 Then 'Null string?
        FileExists = False
        FExists = False
        FileExists = True
        FExists = True
    End If
    End Function


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